• May 6, 2022
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  • Carly Freestone

How to buy or sell your home successfully

Buying or selling a home are two of the biggest life decisions you can make. So if you’re planning to move house, how can you give yourself the best chance of success with the least possible stress?


Start house hunting now

With a shortage of homes for sale, any new listings will be more than matched by keen buyers. Competition will be fierce and that will drive up prices. If you want to have a sensible offer accepted, start house hunting now.


Consider how flexible you can be on the completion date

Long completions are helpful for sellers who haven’t found a place for their onward move. Buyers who can wait up to six months after exchange of contracts before moving in are in a strong position. If you can delay your moving-in date you increase your chance of sealing the deal, often with a lower offer.


Get your financial ducks in a row

Super-buyers rule. That means buyers who have sold their property and are renting with cash in the bank or a mortgage agreed and a solicitor set to go. This is the stuff of fantasy for most buyers but you must be able to prove to a seller that you have funds available to make good on your offer. Talk to your bank regularly and get them on side. Packages and requirements for mortgages can change on a weekly basis.


Look under budget

If you widen your net to include homes 10-15% under your top budget you will be able to increase your offer if the seller of your dream home has more than one offer on the table.


Be open to compromise

You may be able to see the home you’re looking for in your mind’s eye, but if the real thing hasn’t turned up in the first three months of your search then don’t cling to a fantasy. Rethink and refocus.


A final word to sellers

Maximise your home’s potential now. Buyers want outside space and a home study so sell that lifestyle. If you don’t have a home office, create one and stage a spare bedroom as a home office. If you have a garden or a balcony, make it as attractive as possible. If you don’t have outside space, make sure your property details shout about the local parks.


Here at Mustard we would love to help you to sell or buy a new home this year. Give your friendly Mustard agents a call to talk through your options or get an online valuation of your home now.




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